Boat Painting Services

We offer a full range of boat painting services ranging from minor repair work right up to full repaints. Undoubtedly though, our reputation has been earned through the quality of our back to metal, full boat repaints.


These start with taking everything back to bare steel - and we mean EVERYTHING! This means removing all fittings, mushrooms, windows, doors - in fact anything that isn't welded to the hull. We do this to ensure all areas where corrosion may have taken hold are exposed and made accesible for treatment.


Corroded areas are treated and the entire hull is abraded, degreased and made good to accept the first of 10 coats of paint. If that seems a lot, its simply because we follow manufacturer's recommendations and applying fewer wouldn't guarrantee compliance. The fact that this allows us to achieve an unrivalled depth and lustre to the finish is almost a bonus, but not one that's lost on the client!


We're not tied to any one paint manufacturer, but over time we've developed a system that ensures both the durability and the attractive "traditionally painted" appearance our clients demand. This means that whatever topcoats are chosen we always start with four coats of our chosen primer and three coats of undercoat. All of these are applied by hand and allowed to dry fully before machining and the application of the final three coats of gloss. Of course, this isn't a quick process and an average job takes a minimum of five weeks to complete.


Painting takes place in a heated and ventilated paintshop with constant computer monitoring of both temperature and humidity - an hourly record being produced for every job we undertake - once again ensuring we comply with manufacturer's recommendations at every step of the process.


Most customers require signwriting to be completed as part of a full repaint and we're happy to arrange this though our assocation with Jon Leeson of Letterknight who integrates seamlessly with us to ensure the whole job is completed as one.


A full repaint is a good opportunity to get any other refurbishments or modifcations completed and we are fully equipped to be able to include the majority of requests in any quotation. Larger engineering jobs can also be arranged through our assocation with Andicraft Fabrications.

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